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As for Hamilton’s marriage to Michele

The rep’s laser pistol fires loudly, but misses the mark, hitting instead a pack of explosives strapped to the terrorist’s chest. The walls glow with a virtual blast mechanized floor, in fact, vibrates like an enormous video game controller the scenario ends; the whole event has taken less than two and a half seconds. The other rep turns to the conventioneers clustered around the tent’s opening.

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I agree with you about the climate friendliness of this method

WOW does this moron think he is walking the fuking red carpet the whole family is going for their son/bro MURDER trial and their walkin in with a smirk on their face. That is so trashy and disrespectful to the families of the victims!!!! Kim how hard did the judge laugh when he saw him. Now its NOT bout jealousy so save it this family has no class and obviously their money can even cover that up KIM SAYS: The judge didn laugh at all.

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