What The Absolute Best Health Insurance Plans

26What the absolute best Health Insurance Plans and are you being charged a fair price?!

A health insurance plan is one that will give you the most benefits for your money. Let’s take a detailed look at the different types of Health Insurance Plans and see which ones make the most sense to buy. Then let’s take a look at actually purchasing the plans and making sure that you aren’t being overcharged.

What are the different types of Health insurance Plans?

1. Indemnity Plans- The basic Health Care Insurance plan. High premiums, high deductible(meaning you pay a certain amount of money per claim before the Insurance company pays anything) but you get to choose your own doctors and hospitals.

2. HMOs or Health Maintenance Organizations- Cheapest but the least flexible health plans.
Copays are cheap but the Insurance company tells you which doctors you can see and you have to get those horrid referrals from your insurance chosen doctor to see any specialist.

3. PPOs or Preferred Provider Organizations- More flexible and a tad more expensive then HMOs.
While cheap co-payments are a plus and you don’t have to get a referral from your doctor to see a specialist; if you see a doctor outside the list of doctors who are recommended by that specific insurance company you may have to pay the bill yourself then resubmit the bill to the insurance company. OR worse you may have to pay the deductible or the difference in costs between what the non insurance approved doctor costs to see vs seeing a doctor that the insurance company approves.

4. POSs Point of Service plans-More flexible still and a little more expensive then PPOs
If you feel the need to see a doctor outside of those the Insurance company approves all you have to do is get permission from your regular doctor to go see whichever doctor you want to see and you’ll be covered by your Health Insurance Provider. Also POSs provide a lot more preventative health care such as gym membership discounts, etc. The only bad thing about this is that you need a regular doctor that you see to give you permission to go see other doctors.

How to get a fair price for a Health Insurance Plan

Now that we have an idea about the different types of Health Insurance we need to make you can get a fair price, after all with gas prices so high nobody needs to be paying more than we already are!

First things first- You’d better shop around and do price comparison. Which thankfully is easy thanks to the internet. Just Google search for a health insurance comparison website and after filling in your health information along with the type of insurance you want you’ll be on your way towards finding affordable health insurance.

When considering choosing a health insurance plan one must consider which plan works for you and or your family the best. The main way to choosing the best policy is to weigh up all the alternatives of all the different plans, have a budget, have a goal set in mind as to what you want and what you can afford then go from there. Don’t let anyone or any company push you into a corner and don’t be afraid to shop around! Like the old song “You’d better shop around!”

Remember, life has it’s many unexpected turns that we can’t possibly foresee, Health Insurance is a very good option, true while it is expensive at least if you have to be hospitalized your family won’t go into financial ruin!